Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mixed thread selections for today.


Beautiful Texture Pack.  Find it here

An oddments pack, pretty colours listed here

Gorgeous viscose yarn.  Read about it here

Perle in two weights.  You can find it here

Lovely textures.  This selection is here.

More oddments.  Well worth a look.

Vibrant reds and yellows which you will find here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fine Soft Cotton, Sassa lynne, Serendipity


A new yarn.  Find it here.

Stranded Cotton, Sassa Lynne, Serendipity


Stranded cotton, loved for cross stitch, but it has so many more uses.  Find it here.

Stranded Rayon Floss, Sassa Lynne, Serendipity


Don't fancy using a rayon yarn?  Read the listing to find out how to make it easy.

Perle 3, Sassa Lynne, Serendipity


Perle 3 is a lovely thickish yarn for emphasising stitching. Find it here.

Metallic Perle 5, Sassa Lynne, Serendipity


This is a lovely soft thread, the metallic enhances, not hinders, the stitching experience.  Find it here.

3 x Perle 5, Swinging Sixties Sassa Lynne Serendipity


Three Perle 5 skeins.  Find them here.

Assorted Fiber/Thread Selection


An interesting collection with lots of uses.  It's listed here